Just Say No To Cancer

So What’s YOUR Cancer Risk Number?

Say No To Cancer

Cancer is not a picky disease. It does not REQUIRE an unhealthy host to get started in your body. But it usually DOES require an unhealthy host to keep growing.

If you’d like to know whether your current lifestyle habits are pushing you towards a state of health that is conducive to cancer proliferation in your body, try taking this little two-minute test offered by Carolyn Hansen.

She calls it the Cancer Risk Quiz:

Click here to find out your Cancer Risk Number

This is NOT the kind of self-assessment that you want to fail!

Sure, we all know that if we smoke regularly we are increasing our odds of getting lung cancer. If we expose our skin to too much sunlight over the years we increase our risk of skin cancer. And if we are just plain unlucky and we inherit a genetic propensity to develop certain cancers we are already at risk no matter what steps we take to improve our health.

But often overlooked are lifestyle behaviors that can unnecessarily INCREASE ours chances of getting cancer. It is these “self inflicted” risk enhancing behaviors that so interest Carolyn. This is because these risks are ones that can be mitigated.

You can simply elect to “just say no” to cancer by KNOWING what those risk factors are and consciously avoiding the actions that lead to the increased risk.

For example, we all know that excess body weight is a marker for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary disease. But having unwanted fat hanging around on your body also increases your odds of contracting cancer in later life.

That in itself may be enough to get you to think twice about hitting the junk food machine the next time you feel peckish.

If you visit the Cancer Risk Quiz page you will see a Cancer Risk Scale that ranges from zero (no chance of contracting cancer) all the way up to ten (fatal propensity). Unfortunately most of us will live in the range somewhere between 5 and 9. Not too surprising when you consider that about two thirds of the population WILL be faced with a cancer scare sometime in their lives.

The question is this: Will it happen sooner or later?

P.S. So, what’s YOUR Cancer Risk Number


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