Mental Illnesses on Movies

Movie attractions about mental illnesses Recently I wrote about the premiere of a new movie, Mania Days, which stars Katie Holmes and is based on the life of the author who has Bipolar disorder.  One of our Facebook friends asked where it could be seen. Well, the answer, in short, is “not yet”.  It is […] Continue reading →

Bipolar II Rant from a Bipolar I

Ranting on Bipolar II For starters – this is a pure opinion piece.  I am going to rant a bit about Bipolar II. I read a lot of bipolar “stuff” – articles, study results, chat boards, Facebook pages – a lot.  Recently, once again, I have become irritated by the use of “Bipolar II”. I […] Continue reading →

Acupuncture for Anxiety

Why not use acupuncture for anxiety? (This is a copy from a page) Emotional aspects of these disorders include constant worry, inability to concentrate, insomnia and irritability. Using acupuncture for anxiety may bring relief. The term, ‘anxiety‘ describes a number of related conditions including panic disorder, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, […] Continue reading →

Knowledge Conquer the Shame of Mental Disorder

Bipolar - Catherine Zeta-Jones People Do Not Understand Mental Illness (First published on Article as text, and with Video for blind and partially sighted people (Text-to-Speech Video article) Suicide is not a weak or cowardly person that takes the lightweight solution. Suicide is a result of a disease called depression. With increased knowledge, understanding, with an increased understanding […] Continue reading →