Dealing with Your Arthritic Pain – No Pain, No Gain?

Physical pain & mental pain often goes “hand-in-hand”! Pain is your body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong with the body. Body-builders often say “No pain, no gain.” Pain is a sign that they have worked their muscles to the point of destruction, and that the body will rebuild them to be even […] Continue reading →

Is Stress Normal?

Positive Stress Cycle Can we call any nature of stress “normal”? Your body has a natural defence system and does what it has to defend itself as and when necessary. This is known as “the fight or flight reaction” and is often associated with situations of fear. Stress seems to be an unwanted attribute, but is it actually […] Continue reading →

The Experience of People with Mental Health Problems

The University of Manchester Volunteers for a study to examine: The Experience of People with Mental Health Problems. I am at the University of Manchester working on a project that is investigating experiences of people with mental health problems in order to develop interventions to challenge mental health stigma. Previous research has shown that stigma is one of the […] Continue reading →

Cancer Coin Toss

No Cancer The Cancer Coin Toss – Will You Come Up Heads? If I told you that by the time you turn 65 years your chance of having contracted some form of cancer is one in two, or the same odds as flipping a coin and coming up tails, you would probably say “That can’t be right… […] Continue reading →

Just Say No To Cancer

Just Say No To Cancer So What’s YOUR Cancer Risk Number? Cancer is not a picky disease. It does not REQUIRE an unhealthy host to get started in your body. But it usually DOES require an unhealthy host to keep growing. If you’d like to know whether your current lifestyle habits are pushing you towards a state of health that […] Continue reading →