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Anxiety Untreated

Untreated anxiety is a real problem.

According to the NIMH, National Institute of Mental Health, more than 19 million Americans suffer from disorders anxiety.

Unfortunately, a study conducted by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), conducted in 1999, found that only about one-third of people who seek treatment. Treatment can be given stress misdiagnosed and therefore not treated properly.

Anxiety and StressAnxiety not treated properly is the real problem – and an increase in inquiries only hours left untreated. Anxiety concerns can ultimately control your life; prevent you from living your life to its full capacity. Long-time anxiety long it can also cause depression or increased anxieties, which are more likely to develop panic attacks or anxiety.

Anxiety is stress — extreme stress. When the brain is stressed, the immune system does not work well, and make it more susceptible to disease. That can also make it difficult to get about the pain you have. Common problems associated with a joint anxiety increased blood pressure, digestive problems, stomach problems and sleep disorders. You may also experience pain and associated stress pain, diarrhea and dizziness.

This is not a temporary problem. When anxiety remains untreated, these problems are not just going away – they will develop severe mental health problems. Probably, no one has died from anxiety attacks, but they were doomed from the day the problem occurred and will stress folk’s mental health even more.

Lots of people do not seek treatment because they think anxiety is “normal” and no treatment is necessary. In most cases it`s normal to have anxiety attacks. We all feel uncomfortable when things are not going well or when something really terrible happens. However, any anxiety because, as a long-term, and are not satisfied, the initial problem was worse than they are now experiencing.

Do yourself, your mind and your body a favor – get medical treatment as soon as possible!